I want to explain to parents why we divide our youth group up into four “Quads” every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

Definition of QuadsQuads are simply the Sr. High large youth group broken down into four mid-sized groups.  In New Covenant terminology, it’s moving from the Front Porch to the Living Room.

Purpose of Quads.  To create an atmosphere where new or disconnected students can easily connect with others and where each person present feels noticed, loved, valued, and cared for.   In a group this size we can know everyone’s name, notice who the visitors are, and can do relational things not possible in the big group.

Division of Quads.  We have chosen to divide up the Quads according to school because those who are new or disconnected are most likely to connect with someone from their school whom they might see daily.  We also divide up our adult sponsors by Quad too, which makes it more manageable for them to contact students.

In future posts, I’ll introduce the Quad sponsors to you!  They’re a great bunch!