Summertime is here and that means that there will be LOTS of get-togethers and activities among the youth group members.   Some will be sponsored by our youth group, such as our “8 Great Escapes.”  Others events will spontaneously be generated by students or parents and may or may not involve adequate supervision or agreed-upon standards of conduct. I’m writing this post to help parents know when an event is “officially” church -sponsored.


Official Youth Group Sponsored Events

  1. Will be communicated as such by an official email from either me or Gina Kaufman @, an official Facebook group invitation (“New Covenant Senior High Members”), or a publication originating from our staff, (Mark Forstrom, Gina Kaufman or a designated Quad leader.)  These official events will usually be mentioned in our church bulletin, e-news, church website, or by our new Twitter account: “NCBCyouth”.
  2. Will be supervised by at least two adult sponsors (or parents who have been trained to comply with our policies).
  3. Will comply with all the expectations outlined in our youth policy manual.
  4. The church assumes responsibility and bears liability for these event.

 Non-official events.

  1. Will never be promoted via official church publications, Facebook, or email addresses.
  2. Are, however, allowed to be promoted verbally at youth group (or via personal flyers).
  3. May be adequately supervised or not supervised at all, depending.
  4. Have no set conduct standards, such as what movies they may be showing.
  5. Necessitate that parents investigate to ensure their supervision expectations are met.
  6. The church assumes NO responsibility or liability for such events, even if a youth sponsor or youth pastor happens to attend all or part of it.

Please be aware of these distinctions and be sure that your parental expectations are being met.   Unofficial events can be very beneficial and help kids get and stay connected with each other in the summer.   They normally are very good.   But feel free to contact me or other parents if you want opinions about the suitability of any particular unofficial event.