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Good morning! We begin the 4th week of our current Romans series today, moving on from Romans 9 to the first half of Romans 10. Pastor Bob has titled today’s sermon “The Only Road to Righteousness.” I’m looking forward to it. Below is the reading schedule that Pastor Bob has suggested for this week:

Sun, Feb 22 Rom 10:1-13
Mon, Feb 23 Rom 10:1-2
Tue, Feb 24 Rom 10:3-4
Wed, Feb 25 Rom 10:5-8
Thu, Feb 26 Rom 10:9-10
Fri, Feb 27 Rom 10:11-13
Sat, Feb 28 Rom 9:1-10:13

The Net Bible rendering of today’s text.

The main things I notice are these: Paul begins chapter 10 in a very similar way to how he began chapter 9–thinking about how much he desires his fellow Jews to find salvation. He talks about Christ ascending and descending (i have been confused by this part in the past and look forward to some deeper study on it). And the “confess with your mouth” part. I want more clarity on that too.

The other big thing i notice is that the focus here is not on God’s sovereignty, but on man’s responsibility. Sounds practical. This’ll be interesting to explore. So it looks to be a good week.

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