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Reflections on Romans 9:14-18 (Sun)

In case you’re wondering what these daily “Reflections” are all about, check my post: Join Me For Breakfast. Also, check out Pastor Bob’s blog at

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Today begins week two in Pastor Bob’s Exchange: Relationship series, so we’re going to read it by way of overview before listening to his sermon later today, which is called, “Gaining a Right Perspective–Part 2”.

This week we only have a few verses to read, but the thing i noticed about the passage was that it’s all about God, not us! I counted 15 pronouns that refer to God in those 5 verses! It’s not that God (who is ultimately the Author of this book) is “full of Himself.” Anyone else who spoke of him- or herself that way would be exceedingly arrogant, but God is the One who can get away with it. Indeed, He merely speaks truth, because He is the Self-Existent One and everything is about Him.

Any other initial thoughts on our new passage? If you have any insights, stories, or thoughts about today’s passage, please comment below! Thanks!

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