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Today we begin Week 3 in our Romans 9-11 series: God’s Justice. Below is the reading schedule that Pastor Bob has suggested for this week.

Sun, Feb 15 Rom 9:19-33 overview
Mon, Feb 16 Rom 9:19-21
Tue, Feb 17 Rom 9:22-24
Wed, Feb 18 Rom 9:25-26
Thu, Feb 19 Rom 9:27-29
Fri, Feb 20 Rom 9:30-33
Sat, Feb 21 Rom 9:19-33 review

My first observation is that there are 15 whole verses to cover this week! It seems like a lot, which is funny because I remember a week ago being concerned that a verse a day seemed rather sparse! Now these 15 verses seem rather daunting–how will we even begin to scratch the surface in exploring what they mean! How far we’ve come in just one week!

I read the passage twice, just trying to identify some of the main ideas that we’ll be exploring. I saw the potter/clay word picture, references to a remnant out of many; God’s wrath and blessings portrayed; faith vs works, etc. There’s a lot we’ll be digging into this week, and i look forward to Bob’s message later today.

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