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Reflections on Romans 9:25-26 (Wed)

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The NET Bible’s rendering of today’s passage.

Today we focus on two quotations from the book of Hosea, a story of God reclaiming that which was lost. It’s the story of an unfaithful, lewd, prostitute (Gomer), who flounders around in illicit affairs until she eventually gets redeemed out of her self-imposed slavery by her original husband (Hosea). The story depicts God’s generous restoration of us! Those who had formerly been hopeless, helpless, unloved, abandoned, enslaved, etc, have now been rescued solely by the generosity of the One.

Having this quotation about restoration immediately following the past two days’ discussions about good and bad pottery, makes me think about how God is perfectly capable of taking something that was formerly “junk” and transform it into something of great value. That’s exactly what He did for us!

Paul makes note in verse 24 that this redemption happens regardless of whether a person was a Jew or a Gentile. So there’s no use trusting in one’s ethnicity.

Also notice the importance of place in verse 26. Possessing the land was very important to the Jews–they put their security in that (and perhaps they still do). But God’s redemption ability supercedes mere land acquisition. He is not limited by geography in any way and can plant or uproot as He desires. So there’s no use trusting in one’s nationality (including ours, I would add).

It’s all about God sovereignly doing what He deems best with his created ones. There are no limits on what He can do.

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  1. I was struck by the response of the redeemed people in Hosea 2:23″ You are my God.”What a God He is- gracious , merciful, liberating and so much more!

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