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Reflections on Romans 9:8-9 (Thu)

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Today we’re contrasting the children of flesh, vs the children of promise, specifically using Isaac and Ishmael as examples. It’s interesting to think that the Muslims view Ishmael as the legitimate child of the promise. My friend, Amgad, tells me that Islam even teaches that it was Ishmael that Abraham almost sacrificed on the mountain! But of course we and the Jews follow the Scriptures such as today’s that show that the promise was made to only to Isaac.

How important that we’re get this right–God’s truthfulness is at stake if we don’t! While both boys had Abraham’s genetic DNA in their blood, His promise was only to Isaac, the son that he miraculously allowed Abe and Sarah to conceive. “Promise” is a truer indicator of progeny even than DNA.

Pondering this makes me think: What should it be like to be a child of promise? Being adopted as I am, perhaps I can appreciate this in a different way than some–I grew up without any DNA connection to my parents, but yet I knew I was chosen to be in the Forstrom family. I wasn’t by an “oops” or by any accident that I entered my family. I was there solely by the intentional determination of my parents.

So what does being a child of promise mean to you?

Thanks to those of you who have been posting your thoughts–it stretches my thinking.

If you have any insights, stories, or thoughts about today’s passage, please comment below! Thanks!


  1. Since yesterday I read the promises God made to Abraham(Genesis 15:5 and 22:16-18)The promises came to Abraham because of his faith and obedience as well as God’s will. To be a child of promise would seem to mean that you are part of(included in/receive) Gods’ plan ,HIs family, and blessing.

    • Great job researching God’s promises to Abraham! Super thoughts–thanks for sharing them with me. I might suggest that you are 100% correct on Abraham’s faith being a key componant. But I’m not so sure about obedience. Abraham struggled with that (lying about his wife, for example.) And I’m so glad, because that means that there’s hope for me! God’s promises aren’t negated when i happen to disobey. Good thing!

  2. You are right . Abraham was not always obedient. I was thinking of his willingness to take Isaac to the mountain. He did certainly mess up other times.

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