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Review of Romans 9:1-18 (Sat)

If you don’t know what these daily Reflections are about, go to: Join Me For Breakfast. Also, check out Pastor Bob’s blog.

Click here for “The New Living Translation” rendering of the passage.

Today is our review day, and I’m suggesting we review everything we’ve covered in the series so far. This week, I’m reading from the New Living Translation, which is modern-language version of the scriptural text. It’s more of a thought-for-thought translation vs. word for word, so while it’s not as good at deriving specific meaning of words, etc., it can be useful for getting the overall “birds eye view” of the passage and to think of it in a new way. (Incidentally, I felt The Message paraphrase drifted too far away from God’s original meaning in verses 14-18, somehow talking about our ability to show mercy and compassion, which is never referred to in the Greek.)

My big-picture take-away is this: God does what He wants to do solely for his own glory and He’s perfectly justified in doing so! He doesn’t need the permission or approval or even the cooperation of anyone to accomplish His plan.

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  1. Your summary statement is excellent, Mark. Nothing I can add to that.
    Every week brings some distressing news. Focusing on God’s sovereignty
    this week gives me hope, assurrance, and stability. Praise God that His steadfast love never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, and they
    are new every morning! (Lam.3:22). Thanks for all the translation and
    word insights this week, too, Mark. Diane T.

  2. I agree with what Diane wrote above. I have learned a lot this week too.

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