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Review of Romans 9:1-33 (Sat)

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Today is our review day, and I’m suggesting we review everything we’ve covered in the series so far. (Note: Bob’s schedule calls for just a review of this week’s material, 9:19-33).

This week, I’m reading from the Swahili New Testament. Join me!

Ok, just kidding (although it is pretty cool to see all the versions you can pull up on! We can be thankful that people have treasured God’s Word so much and have gone to great lengths to translate it into over 3000 languages!)

As I did last Saturday, I’m actually reading our passage in the New Living Translation, which is a modern-language version of the scriptural text. It’s more of a thought-for-thought translation vs. word for word, so while it’s not as good at deriving the specific meaning of words, etc., it can be useful for getting the overall “birds eye view” of the passage and to think of it in a new way. So here goes…

One thing that caught my eye was the pottery references (in vs. 21) to a “jar for decoration” vs. another “to throw garbage into.” The idea of being a decorative vase [pronounced “vaahzz”] was a useful word picture of how we may be created to be on display as a way to draw attention to the Artist’s greatness.

Well, I feel like I’ve been doing most of the talking, so I’m going to keep today’s blog short, in hopes that several of you will chime in with some “big picture” things you extracted from today’s review passage.

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  1. This chapter has so much in it! It has been neat to go through it slowly and to see the many truths in it. Reading it today, I noticed again all of the questions Paul asked and how not everyone who thought that they were in God’s family really were because no one can work their way in.

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