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Reflections on Romans 11:7-10

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Today’s passage is a hard one. It talks about God hardening those who reject him. Giving them a spirit of stupor, blinding them, deafening them. It reminds me of Romans 1:24, where God “gives them over to the desires of their hearts.” Yet it’s hard to come to terms with.

David’s reaction in vs. 9-10 is interesting. He doesn’t seem so bothered by the idea of God hardening people. In fact, it’s almost like he’s cheering God on in His hardening! “Take ’em down, God.” I suppose if I lived my whole life near godless people who sought my life, I might have less of a problem with the concept too!

I just watched the Passion of the Christ again last week. This hardening description reminds me of those religious leaders who persisted in getting Jesus crucified. It was incredible how blind they were. Yet their blindness was necessary and so obviously appointed by God in order for Jesus to suffer at the hands of men.

Evening amidst hardening, God works His good plan for ultimate good–as we’ll see tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve been reflecting more on today’s passage about David cheering God on to bring vengence and wrath on the ungodly. The Psalms are full of such pleas. It seems unkind and inappropriate of this “man after God’s own heart” to speak in such a vindictive way. What about the love?

    But then it struck me that David is right in seeking justice for wrongdoing. To not do so would violate God’s “just” nature. Sin demands such severe punishment. The surprising twist is that God brought about the horrible wrath that David requests, but instead of imposing it on the people who sinned, he imposed it on Jesus instead, that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord may be saved from the wrath we deserve.

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