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Reflections on Romans 12:2b (Thu)

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12:2b …be transformed by the renewing of your mind….

Paul commands us to allow God to transform us. That was yesterday. Today we look at the mechanism by which this happens. Interestingly, most translations word it identically: “by the renewing of your mind.” (NET, NIV, NASB, KJV). Let’s zoom in for greater clarity.

renewing. I was interested to learn that the word is a noun, not a verb. And it refers to a renewal or renovation of something, in this case “our mind”. The ESV translates it better than the others mentioned above: “by the renewal of your mind.” So the mechanism of this transformation is that we are given a renewal or renovation of mind.

mind. This word translates into English pretty straightforwardly. The mind involves our intellect, judgments, perception, understanding, etc. Bob mentioned “thought patterns” and that seems a good way to grasp it. So our metamorphasis happens when we allow God to give us a renovation of thought patterns.

We could spend a lot of time contemplating these two alternatives from verse 2: conformed or transformed? Here they are in question form:Am I allowing myself to be molded into adopting our current culture’s thought patterns? Or am I surrendering myself to God so that He might give me a renovation in my way of thinking? This is worth some serious reflection because getting this right is paramount to sucessful Christian living. Maybe we should print those two questions on cardstock and tape them to our tv’s, our computer, our ipods, the theater screen (ok, maybe not there!) Seriously though, we would be wise to stop everything else we’re doing and spend a minute or an hour or a day or all month contemplating the condition of our mind until we have it right.

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  1. Martha Troxel

    Perhaps it is because this is the first anniversary of the 2008 flood that I am thinking this way. In any case, I was thinking about how houses had to be mucked out before anything else could be done. I think that it is like that with our minds: garbage out and good stuff in.It is a process and we have to cooperate with Jesus to get the job done. Someday, when we see Him face to face ,it will all be done.

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