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Why I love Sr. High Ministry

Tonight’s youth group experience was a powerful reminder to me of why I like being the Sr. High youth pastor.

Sr. Highers are so capable, enthusiastic, dedicated, and motivated! Here are some examples just from tonight.

1. Worship was 100% done by students: selecting, practicing, balancing sound, formating power point, and integrating it with the rest of the night.

2. The student’s testimony was fresh, raw, passionate and real. How many adults would commit major sins and then get up in front of their peers within days to confess and challenge them?

3. Jon totally took the initiative in this lesson. He had approached me some weeks ago, saying that God had been challenging him and teaching him some things from his Word that he’d like to pass on to the group. His commitment to being a student of the Word challenged more than just his peers you can be sure.

4. Irene got up tonight and announced a new ministry that she and 4 fellow seniors had started: a weekly inner city kids ministry at the HD Youth Center. Without any adult involvement or prompting they’ve made arrangements to be there with crafts, snacks, games, tutoring, and more every Tuesday afternoon. Starting yesterday!!! Their initiative and desire to make a difference in the world is outstanding!

5. The game that was planned was appropriately crazy. They approached me with the idea on Tuesday, wanting to make sure the night had a fun element. Again, it was all their initiative.

For many of these students, Sr. High is their first opportunity to have the maturity, the skills, a degree of independence (and often wheels!) to really begin to put their faith into action like never before. It’s so fun to be a part of these formative years, which hopefully launch them on into life at full-speed.

Being around them spurs me on to greater faithfulness.

Now can you see why I like my job?

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  1. It’s so awesome to be invovled in a church where God is at work! Thanks Mark for letting him use you!

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